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Voting can be exhausting…

Disclaimer: political views are a touchy subject, and to anyone who happens to read this that has differing opinions than mine, I am sincerely sorry if this offends you. That is not my intention. I respect you as a person, and I respect your opinion and will gladly agree to disagree. We can all be friends here.

Guess what day it is??? Election Day!! God, thank you for being in control of everything, because the two presidential candidates are making me nervous. No matter who wins, something’s going to go down, and I just hope America will be in good hands.

I’m not going to say for sure who I voted for (but I’m a stereotypical college-educated middle class white female that grew up in South Carolina, and is married to a doctor, so I’m sure you can read between the lines here) but I took one of those quizzes awhile back (at the urging of one of my dearest friends who just so happens to be totally relevant in the political world, how cool is that?), and I matched something like 90% Trump. I don’t know if I should be scared or if I should laugh about it– this quiz was completely based on the issues at stake, so I did my research, as should everyone that is able to vote. Do I like Trump as a person? HELL NO. I think he needs to reel it way back in– the fact that he is so temperamental (much like my toddler, come to think about it) and says what’s on his mind without thinking (I’m totally guilty of that as well, not a good look) is probably not the best fit for this country right now. Seriously, that guy says some dumb things, but we’re all human, I guess (still not an excuse to degrade anyone, but maybe someone can knock him down a few notches). On the other hand, I do admire his tenacity and passion and feel sure that he will make some big changes, which I feel like we do need here. I like that and his patriotism. I love this country. I love our freedom, and I love the opportunities that we all have living here. We need to be doing more to protect those. And people need to be held accountable for their actions and do things the right way. Follow the rules, that sort of thing.

My feelings on Hillary? I think it’s fabulous that she’s a woman, but I don’t think that she is the right woman to lead us. I don’t trust her at all, and I feel like she’s just going to be more of the same. Kind of what the last eight years have been like. I think our president needs to be more outspoken and visible, more of a people’s president that unites us all, you know? I just haven’t gotten that vibe from our current administration. Police/racial tension is an issue that doesn’t sit well with me because I have gotten some experience over the past few years where I got to know some great people that were/are cops. These people have families. Not all cops are bad, and in my opinion, if you follow the rules, you should be okay– everyone should be treated the same. No one on EITHER side of this issue should have to fear for his/her life because of occupation or skin color. The fact that our current president doesn’t come out and make his voice heard about coming together in unity as a country when he has such a great platform to do so irks me (maybe he has, but I haven’t heard about it). Seriously, we are all americans, no matter what your skin color or socioeconomic background may be. He is such a great speaker and has such a way of connecting with young people, so I guess I’m just confused as to why he hasn’t been more vocal on this issue. I hate that for all of us.

I want everyone to respect each other because we are all human and we are all american. Whether you accept it or not, we all have similar issues. My kid throws a dang tantrum in the parking lot outside of the grocery store just like everyone else’s. Racism especially in this country affects everyone, and it is so unfortunate that that exists here in this day and age at all. I want my kids to be raised to respect every single human being, just like I was. Regardless of your beliefs, looks, or whatever, I will give you respect the first time I meet you– that’s a given. Until you give me a reason not to, I will show you the same respect and courtesy that I would want you to show me, as will my children (once they are old enough to understand… right now it’s definitely hit or miss). Everyone deserves to be respected, and everyone deserves to be loved. Regardless of what your opinion is, I am trying my damnedest not to judge you based on that, and I will be teaching my boys to do the same.

Why couldn’t Ben Carson just team up with someone with political experience and win? I would’ve totally be cool with that. He was awesome. Aaaah well. Whatever your opinion is, get out and vote! It’s your right, and you should be thankful for it. I didn’t even have to wait in a line because my polling place was that efficient. Thank God because I had these two little humans with me, neither of which had had a nap yet. That wouldn’t have been a pretty sight.



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