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Married to Medicine

Married to Medicine aka that Doctor Wife Life

Another welcome distraction that’s been getting me through the last few weeks has been residencselfiey interviews. Basically an excuse for Matt and I to get away for a night while someone watches the babes, which, for those of you with kids, you know feels similar to (if not better than) when your parents told you you were going to Disney World when you were little. Or maybe that’s just me. Either way, it feels pretty great to be able to get away for a little bit with just the husband. At the very least, I can look forward to using the bathroom in peace and going to bed/waking up whenever I decide to. And I don’t have to share my food. See these are things that you take for granted before you have children.

A comment I often hear during conversations with people that know Matt’s in medical school is “Wow, I didn’t know all of the things that go into becoming a doctor. That sounds miserable!” Let me tell you, the road we’ve been traveling (or clawing at or scraping away or trudging down– all applicable descriptions) has not been a cake walk, and it’s not really going to be ending anytime soon. Though it is nice to finally see some of the work we’ve put in starting to pay off for us in the form of lots of interview opportunities. I say WE because it really is a team effort. I might not be the one in school, but I have been a part of this journey from the very beginning, and I have supported my man through it all. He has also put up with a lot of grief from me– to the point where he should really be considered a saint at this point, but that’s a story for another day.

Right now, we are in the thick of the interview process. He’s interviewing all around the Southeast with about ten or more Internal Medicine programs. He is in a great spot because of how well he performed on his board exams (all those seemingly endless study sessions really paid off for him), so he should have his pick of programs. I pray he gets the one he wants and the one that will be the best for our family. He has worked so hard for so long to get to this point, and I’m not gonna lie, it feels pretty sweet to see everything finally coming to fruition for us.

When I was in high school and I said my ultimate goal was to be a doctor’s wife, I wasn’t kidding. I love where we’re at right now. I love being a mother and spending time with my babies. Being a mom is a full-time job, and I really feel like this is where I’m supposed to be right now. I am extremely grateful to even have this opportunity to live out this dream; I understand that so many things had to fall into place for this to be a reality, and not everyone that wants to gets the chance to be a SAHM. But my life to this point has led me here, and I am putting my faith in Him that this is exactly where I’m supposed to be.

I know we’ve still got a long way to go. I think by now Matt’s in 20th grade, and there is still residency and a probable fellowship to go (depending on what specialty, if any, he decides to pursue). So four years of undergrad, four years of postgrad (med school), three years of residency, and two or three years as a fellow– that’s how long it takes to become a doctor. No wonder they get paid well. They sure as hell deserve it after going through all of this. Next time you see your primary care doctor/ OBGYN/ specialist/ whatever, think about all of the hard work they put in to get to that point. Not only them, but their families as well because God knows it takes a village to raise a doctor.

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