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So Basic

I cannot even begin to explain to you how happy I am that being basic is a thing. Why people didn’t think this was a great idea before, I’ll never understand. For the sake of this post, I’ll go ahead and define basic as your typical Starbucks-drinking, Target-shopping, SUV-driving, messy-hair-wearing, designer bag-carrying, iPhone-toting female. DISCLAIMER: you fit into some, all, or none of the aforementioned criteria, and you can be basic or not, but I think it’s hilarious how this accurate little stereotype has gotten to be so widely recognized, be it good or bad. I think it’s fabulous.

Leggings. Basic t-shirt/tank. Piko shirt/tunic, if you’re dressing it up. Oversized cardigan (can be interchanged with sloppy sweatshirt). Necklace or scarf of your choosing. And boots or tennis shoes. This is how I deal with cold weather. This is what makes it okay. Mixing up these staples for different looks is how I justify the fact that winter just doesn’t do it for me like summer weather does.

This brings me to the momiform. Growing up going to catholic school, I wore uniforms essentially every day of my childhood. I HATED IT. But secretly I loved it because it was one less stress to worry about– boys and sports and drama were more than enough. It was comforting to know what you were going to wear tomorrow, and it was nice to have a routine. Plus, that just meant you got to go to Claire’s to get the hottest butterfly clips. You had to set yourself apart from the crowd somehow, after all. How charming was I? See photos below and judge for yourself. Don’t ask me where I found these pictures.




Nowadays, my everyday style has evolved from the oversized sorority t-shirts/nike shorts or leggings/Uggs combo– let’s be real, I’ll always be comfortable in Norts and a t-shirt with a good pair of Rainbows or Toms, but for all intents and purposes, I will give you my usual go-to mom look.

These were from when I was still pregnant with James. Tank, leggings, cardigan, necklace. Booties or gladiator sandals were my go-to’s, depending on the weather.


Tank, leggings, green utility jacket, tennis shoes. While I realize you can’t really actually see my outfit (just take my word for it) for the darling children occupying my lap, I feel like you get the point. Note to self: if I ever decide to start doing fashion posts, I will take better pictures that actually feature the outfit.


Then there’s today. Tank, sweatshirt (SO SOFT LIKE BUTTER), leggings, and tennies. And there you go. Rock that momiform over to Target and get you a pumpkin spice latte while you go run in for diapers. And come out with a new sweatshirt, two cardigans, Christmas decorations, makeup, chapstick, and enough food to feed a third world country.

These are first world problems, and I’m okay with them.

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