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My 25-hour Saturday

What do a $1000 car service bill, a river, pecan pie, football, driving a Maserati, and an ER visit/hospital admission have in common?

Answer: MY SATURDAY. Or as I’d like to refer to it, the longest 24 hours I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Let me preface this with the fact that I was looking forward to this weekend because we were going to get to visit family for a short early Thanksgiving meal– no strings attached, and we would be home for the remainder of the weekend to just chill out. Obviously, the universe laughs when you make plans. ROOKIE MISTAKE.

We wake up Saturday morning, husband takes my car in first thing for maintenance. It’s been sounding rattly when getting on the interstate, and the brakes were squeaking, so I knew we were probably in for more than just an oil change. But holy cow, $1000 for a freaking service seems a little extreme, but I guess that’s the price you pay for driving a Volvo SUV. Note to self: don’t buy a car that you can’t afford to service when your husband is in medical school. I don’t care how much room is in the trunk and how nice the seats clean up when your kid dumps his milk out. Don’t be a typical millennial that needs to keep up with the lifestyle your parents blessed you with growing up. Don’t do it unless you can afford it. I, of course, have to learn everything the hard way. Oops.

Now that the car has been taken care of (and now drives like a brand new car, which it damn well should for the effing bill we are saddled with…sigh), we head off to the river to take some pictures of my outfit of the day. Because, naturally, when you have one successful Instagram #ootd post, you suddenly think you’re a fashion blogger, and you go make a fool of yourself taking pictures of your cute outfit. In my defense, I rarely get out of my momiform, so it’s an occasion which needs to be documented. Here are some of the fab high-quality photos my husband snapped of me. Clearly I am not a fashion blogger, but here you go.


At least we got to visit sweet baby James while we were out at the river, so there’s the silver lining.

After the photo shoot wrapped up, we headed up to the upstate of SC to have an early Thanksgiving meal with some of my side of the family. The meal was fabulous, and momma got a little tipsy, which was nice since I haven’t had more than a few drinks in the past couple years since I’m pregnant more often than not. Pecan pie for the win!



During dinner, my uncle casually mentions that he got a new car. Then he wanted to show me the car, and it just happened to be a MASERATI. TOTALLY CASUAL. We took it on a drive around the block, and I took some super cool selfies in the driver’s seat. For the sake of time, I didn’t drive it, but he told me I could the next time I visit. How cool is that? I mean a freaking Maserati.

It was so nice not to have to be on mommy duty since relatives are usually more than eager to play with the boys, so I actually got to watch a little bit of football. If you follow college football, especially SEC football, you’d know that this weekend was fondly known as “Cupcake Saturday”– the weekend late in the season where teams schedule non-conference division II opponents that usually provide little to no competition (but are well compensated for their valiant efforts; i.e. receive big checks for showing up to play). Alabama played University of Tennessee-Chatanooga, and had a totally sloppy game that actually kept us on the edge of our seats, which is not good, especially at this point in the season. Ugh.

At about halftime, we packed up the boys and headed home, which was a 2-hour drive. Once we arrived, we put the kids to bed, and within 30 minutes were awoken ourselves by the tell-tale barking cough of a child with croup. Me, being a little tipsy from dinner (talk about your buzz kill), immediately began freaking out and getting all emotional because I felt like my kid couldn’t breathe.

We rushed to the ER because of course Urgent Care wasn’t open (it was midnight at this point). They triaged us right away and gave little man a breathing treatment and a dose of steroids. Imagine a kid that skipped nap time and was struggling to breathe having to get a breathing treatment at 1am in the morning. Not a pretty picture.


The steroids made the kid wired, so he couldn’t sleep anyway. Many tantrums were thrown before we were finally admitted around 4am for observation. At this point, I had been awake for probably 36hours or more, so I was really struggling.

We get to our private room, and the kid wants nothing to do with the bed. So we take him to the playroom. 5am, and Paw Patrol is on the big screen TV. Little man got his second wind and was in HEAVEN. So many toys. TOTAL SENSORY OVERLOAD. He didn’t even know what to play with first. We stay in the playroom until about 7am, and at this point, the attending comes to do rounds, so they saw what a drastic improvement he had made (he was still running around like the Energizer bunny). They let us go home around 10:30am. Praise the Lord. I have never been so happy to see a bed in my entire life.


If you’re still reading at this point, go get yourself a cookie. I know this was super long. But it still wasn’t as long as my freaking Saturday. If anyone wants to volunteer to start my gofundme page, I’m totally on board. (Just kidding, please don’t.)




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