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Tantrums, Bipolar Weather, and Some More Croup

Does anyone else feel like this week is never. Going. To. End.

We have had two major meltdowns at two different shopping establishments on two different days already this week. MOM LYFE. First one happened at Publix. And I mostly blame myself for it because I should’ve planned better. In case you’re wondering, it’s probably not a good idea to wait until you are completely out of everything on the Monday night after Thanksgiving weekend to take your temperamental two-year-old grocery shopping. If you do decide to do venture out with him, please be prepared for all of the cool race car shopping buggies to be taken. The picture below is the buggy we were stuck with, and he rode like that the whole time. Did I mention he was crying? Because he was. And I forgot my list, so there was that. This was not our most efficient shopping trip, but it also wasn’t as bad as Tuesday’s.


Tuesday’s outing to Target was even better. At least at Publix during Cole’s freakout, I had Reese on my side– my sweet, smiley, momma’s boy of a child. But come Tuesday, we needed to grab a birthday gift for a party we have coming up this weekend. Why I thought it was a good idea to bring my babies with me to pick out a new toy that wasn’t for them, I’ll never know. But I did it, and it was so bad. Target’s Paw Patrol inventory is absolutely incredible. They have every single Paw Patrol-themed toy you can imagine on this one amazing aisle. But we didn’t go there for Paw Patrol. We were there for a girl present. My bad. I didn’t even get a picture of them screaming because I had to get out of there.


In other news, it was 75 degrees today, so I took that and ran with it. Wearing shorts in November temporarily distracted me from the fact that warm weather is still months away. Totally not cut out for fashion blogging…like what am I supposed to do with my hands?? And what kind of facial expression am I supposed to have? I feel so weird not smiling for a picture, so I smiled.


Similar Cardigan | Tank | Boots

This tank is perfect for layering. I have it in just about every color– they’re only like $10!! The shorts are just black chiffon drawstring shorts from Fabrik…if I can ever find similar ones, I’ll add the link!

As for the bipolar weather, I hear that’s just great for croup season…NOT. Didn’t we just do this? Little brother wound up in the peds office this morning for his dose of steroids. Poor little guy woke up last night sounding pretty awful, but luckily it didn’t get him as bad as it got his big brother a week ago. He was able to at least make it until a decent hour, so we are counting our blessings that we were able to avoid the ER this time. PRAISE THE LORD. While we were there, Dr. R checked out his chipped tooth too, and all is well there. Thank goodness for baby teeth! Side note: he is seriously the sweetest little thing ever. I mean, who looks that happy when they have the croup? Apparently my son.


Thank goodness for residency interviews and awesome in-laws that are willing to babysit for the night so I can get away with Matt for a little bit. I’m currently sitting in bed at the Marietta Hilton watching Bravo as I type this. NO KIDS! Momma’s going to bed early tonight.


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