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The Plague and a Weekend Recap

So you know the other day when I was complaining about how my husband has been whining about his ailing throat for the past week? I might as well have just shoved my foot down my own throat then and there. Lo and behold, I woke up Saturday morning with a tickle in the back of my throat. This slowly progressed into full-fledged pharyngitis, and by the time church ended this morning, I felt like I was going to pass out and die in a cold sweat right there on the floor. So today I am writing what could very well be my last post ever. With the way this sore throat is going, it is likely that I won’t make it through the night.  It seriously feels like I have a lego wrapped in sandpaper mixed a cactus lodged deep in the back of my throat.


You might find yourself wondering why I’m being so dramatic, so let me just go ahead and tell you. It’s because I don’t know how to be a sick person.

I have always been one of those freaks of nature that almost never catches any of the viruses that are going around. I’ve never had allergies, and I rarely go to the doctor aside from routine well visits, OB appointments when I’m pregnant, or depression-related issues. I just don’t get sick. This trait has always been appreciated, but it is especially ideal now that I have children and a soon-to-be-doctor husband who bring home all sorts of nasty germs. I attribute this to growing up with an immune system that I’ve been working diligently to perfect since I was old enough to wash my own hands.

You see I’m a big believer in germ sharing. I have never been afraid to share food or drink after people. As long as I know the person I’m drinking after and there’s no backwash that I can visibly see, it doesn’t bother me to share a water bottle. If I drop a french fry on the ground outside, I’ll dust it off and eat it no problem (five second rule). When my one-year-old decides to play “throw the bottle on the ground and see how long it takes mommy to pick it up for me” at the grocery store, I clean it off with my own mouth and give it back to him (most of the time). And I don’t freak out about people bringing sick kids over to play with my kids– I try my best to keep everybody’s hands clean, make sure all of mine have gotten their flu shots, and go about business as usual.

Some of y’all might think all of the things I just mentioned are totally gross, and that’s okay.

Back to my current situation. I can’t sleep this off because it’s the weekend, and I’m a mom of two toddler boys. So chugging NyQuil and snuggling up in my bed or on the couch is out of the question because I need to be on standby– even though my doting husband is being extremely cooperative and has been chasing after our children for 95% of the day. But I still need to be on standby just in case. We do have our Christmas tree set up now, so that in and of itself is a disaster waiting to happen with these heathens kiddos running through the house.

And did I mention that our cable has been out for the whole weekend? Because it’s been out for the whole weekend. Not exactly ideal for a family with two toddlers who have been stuck inside for most of the day while mommy’s out of commission and daddy’s trying his best to play Mr. Mom. Suffice it to say we all could have benefitted from having a couple of hours of Paw Patrol playing on the living room TV today.

On a more pleasant note, the rest of our weekend was pretty great. Matt finished up his rotation on Friday (insert praise hands!), so I get to have him all to myself for the next four weeks. This includes Christmas and New Years, so we’re all pretty excited about it– though he is going to be in for a real treat when he gets to see just how much fun it can be to be around our two littles 24/7…

We kicked off the start of Matt’s Christmas break by spending our Saturday running all over creation doing a million and one family activities. These ranged from getting a little Christmas shopping done, to decorating our house for Christmas, to heading out to the river to visit our sweet baby James and hunt for mistletoe, to checking out the lights at the zoo.

Saturday marked two months since we lost our precious James, so it really did our little family some good to get out to the river to visit the magnolia tree that we planted as a memorial for him. While we were out there, we soaked up some of the 70 degree South Carolina sunshine and played in some piles of leaves and even took a boat ride down the river to hunt for some real mistletoe. We enjoyed spending the afternoon with my in-laws (or as the boys lovingly refer to them, Yia-Yia and Papou– Matt is Greek, you see).




Once the sun went down, we headed off to the zoo with my sister so the boys could experience the lights before Christmas. The lights were a huge hit, but the day’s activities and lack of naps started to take a toll on the babes shortly after our arrival, so we didn’t stay very long.


After everyone went down for the night, Matt and I started on our tree. We decided to go with an artificial tree this year (way less hassle), and I’m so glad we did. Side note: if you’re ever in the market for an inexpensive artificial tree, Big Lots is the first place you should look. I’m talking less than $65 for a 7-ft pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. I have never seen one for less than twice that. And it’s beautiful! Major win. It wasn’t even hard to put together. I am obsessed with it, and I couldn’t be happier to not have to be cleaning up pine needles or watering this tree every day. I don’t even miss the smell of a real tree because my house smells like that anyway thanks to my Bath and Body Works wallflowers.



Well, that pretty much sums up our weekend, which– aside from my contracting tuberculosis a disgusting cough– was pretty wonderful.




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