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Peeing in the Woods

So I just did a massive photo dump on Facebook– and I apologize for blowing up everyone’s feed with a million and one pictures of my November and December. But it had to be done. Lord knows I’m not one to take the time to back up my phone or use the Cloud or whatever the tech-savvy people do. I thought I was all good with my 120GB iPhone, but apparently 27,000 pictures and a few apps and a couple thousand songs combined is enough to cause you to “run out of storage.” Lame. Total first world problems over here.

After hours of uploading and deleting and tagging and isolating myself from everyone and everything but social media, I finally got all of the pictures into their respective albums. At least I think I did. Still have to go back and tag people and such. What if I had to edit them too?? Thank goodness the only people interested enough to follow my life on social media are people who enjoy good old real pictures. Because if I had to go back and mess with the lighting and contrast and stuff for all of the pictures I post…LAWDHAVEMERCY. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

I fully intended on posting my Momiform Monday issue 5 today, and I have the pictures and all, but I just felt like this post would be better. So if you’re only following this little blog because of my insanely amazing fashion sense and fashion blogger capabilities, don’t worry! I’ll probably post it tomorrow. Or the next day. I’ll leave you in suspense.

Today was a great day for my little family. It was the most productive day I’ve had since organizing my house last week, and that was nice. Side note: I’m still on cloud nine with Matt being home for a whole month, and we’re spending way too much time together. It’s pretty adorable. And he’s getting to spend way more time than he could ever want to with our children– it’s pretty funny to see him react to some of the things that I consider normal toddler behavior on a daily basis. He’s so cute.

But back to our awesome day. Matt let me spend a little Christmas money on myself, so naturally I headed over to Ivy and Leo and Fab’rik at Trenholm Plaza– which usually means going to get groceries because my beloved Publix is there–to go shopping for some cute mommy clothes! Y’all know how much I love buying clothes… I am actually positive that I have an underlying compulsive shopping disorder (self-diagnosed, of course) that is probably a coping skill for my mild SAD (seasonal affective disorder… also self-diagnosed, but definitely a contributing factor to my depression). Anyways, I’ve got it under control for the time being. Because my hubs let me buy some stuff. Win.


Prior to my little shopping extravaganza, we hit up Hobby Lobby, so my husband could see me in my natural habitat. I could seriously live in that store and be totally content. It’s a crafter/decorator’s paradise, for those of you not familiar with it. Think Michael’s or JoAnn’s but way better because they also sell furniture. Literally everything you could ever want for your house. And things you didn’t even know you needed. But we went there with a purpose– ORGANIZATION. My kids have so many new toys from Christmas, and I am just struggling to keep up with my plastic bins. My storage game used to be strong, y’all. But with children, I always feel like I need a new basket or bin to put all of their crap things in. If everything has a place, then it’s easier to stay on top of things. So we got some cute distressed wooden boxes, a wicker basket, and two canvas bins, and now our living room is finally clean again. Total game changer.

If you’re still reading to this point, I applaud you because I feel like this is getting to be a marathon of a post. I’m almost done, I swear!

Once we got all of our shopping done, we headed out to the river for a little boat ride with Yia-Yia and Papou. We saw sweet baby James and caught him up on our Christmas, and Cole and Reese got to see mommy pop a squat and pee in the woods (which I haven’t done since college, thank you very much). It’s a southern thing. In my defense, had it been in the summertime, I would’ve been wearing a bathing suit and peed in the river, and no one would ever have known. But it’s winter, and a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.





After that little adventure, we found some trees to climb, and I got all nostalgic for the days when my sisters and I would climb every tree we could. That’s what kids miss out on these days. Do you remember how good it felt to climb a tree when you were little– if you were into that sort of thing? We used to set up camp in the trees in our backyard, forcing our mom to bring us lunch because we were out there all day long. Magnolia trees and Bradford Pear trees are the best climbing trees, in case you’re wondering. That’s why having a magnolia tree for baby James is so special to me. Much of my childhood was spent climbing (and falling out of) magnolia trees. It’s a wonder I didn’t have more injuries than I did as a kid. This girl was fearless. That’s a big part of the reason why I love being a boy mom so much. I love getting dirty and playing outside. And I love watching my man getting to live out the childhood dreams that he didn’t even know he had with his little boys and his down and dirty southern wife. Cheers, y’all.






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