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The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale 2017

One of the perks of being a SAHM (who is never actually at home, but that’s a story for another day), is that I get to tag along with Matt for his residency interviews. I mentioned that in my last post.

Usually this means I would be satisfied with sitting in the hotel room catching up on
email/life in general while watching reality TV. After all, those are things I almost never get to do because my days are usually spent wrangling toddlers; and my nights are usually spent doing family things and catching my husband up on the day’s events. Other times, I go explore the town we’re interviewing in because, like I’ve said before, we’re essentially scouting out places we could potentially be moving to later this year.

Today was different. Because today just so happens to be the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale. If you are not familiar with Lilly, let me just introduce you.









Lilly Pulitzer is a Southern belle’s go-to lifestyle brand. Unless you’re not into stunning bright colors, Palm Beach style,  and classic silhouettes, that is. Yes, the majority of it is overpriced, which I find a bit pretentious– but this is a case where I completely feel justified spending a little more on clothes. Maybe that’s the spoiled millennial sense of entitlement in me, but I’m pretty materialistic, and I enjoy spending money on things that make me happy. Bright Lilly clothes make me happy. Call it what you want, but as a girl that lives for the summer time and beach vacations, this is and always has been my perfect cup of tea. I blame my mother for dressing me in the most adorably timeless Lilly pieces when I was young (which, ironically, I loathed at the time, but am so grateful for now). Lilly Pulitzer is basically my spirit animal.

Anyways, all of these gorgeous things go on sale twice a year– the After Party Sale (January) and the Endless Summer Sale (usually July/Aug, if I’m not mistaken). And these are the times during which I stock up on my basic Lilly pieces for the year. Maybe if I see a dress or romper during the year, I’ll buy it full-price, but that only happens once every couple of years. The rest of the Lilly I have comes in the form of gifts from other people. You see, my Lilly obsession is no secret. If you ask anyone that has ever spent more than five minutes with me, they can probably tell you who my favorite designer is…

Maybe that’s why I’ve always wanted a little girl. I would love to dress her in matching mommy-and-minnie Lilly outfits with a gigantic bow in her hair or a big old bonnet on her head of thick curly hair. Matt’s Greek, and I’m just really hairy, so I’m sure our future daughter would have a head full of gorgeous thick locks, just like her older brothers.

Whoa, way to get off topic, girl…

Back to the After Party Sale. So I get back to the hotel after dropping the hubs off at Greenville Memorial, and it’s only 8am. As I’m perusing Facebook, I just so happen to see a Lilly ad pop up in the sidebar of my newsfeed. What do you know? It’s the After Party Sale (which I totally forgot about, but just so happen to have Christmas money to spend on)! I click on over to the Lilly website and add my coveted items to my cart, only to have the website crash on me. Ugh. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.

What’s a Southern belle to do?? I march my little southern behind down to the nearest Lilly signature store, and I grab the items myself. HA. I don’t have to wait for the items to ship. They’re sitting on the bed right next to me as we speak. Voila. Here’s what I came away with this year:



From left to right: Fifer Silk One Shoulder Top (in Bomber Blue Plume Bloom)

Neveah One Shoulder Top (in True Navy)

Diem Silk Lace Hem Top (in Resort White) SOLD OUT

Katelyn Tube Top (in Iris Blue Casa Azul) SOLD OUT – No longer listed on the website

Kimi Silk Top (in Kir Royal Pink Caught in the Coral)

3″ Walsh Short (in Iris Blue)


Total retail value? $570. Total damage? $137.80. Mommy’s spring and summer wardrobe checked off the list, AND I saved $440.00. Not bad for a Thursday. Now I can focus on the things that really matter, like dressing my children buying groceries and getting my husband matched with his top pick for residency.

Now I just have to gently break the news to him… these sales are probably his least favorite events of the year. Oh well, he knew what he was getting into when he married me. LOVE YOU, BABE!

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 1.51.44 PM.png


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