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No Routine Can Be a Good Routine

I have been totally slacking with posting this week, so I do apologize (because I know y’all are all on the edge of your seats waiting…just kidding). Anyhow, I’ve somehow managed to find enough time and space to write a little somethin’ somethin’ for y’all because the heathens babes are both napping. All the praise hands, y’all. 


Shirt (Mudpie) | Shoes (Keds)


Shirt and pants (Mudpie) | Shoes (Keds) | Scrubs (not linking because who cares)

This week has been interesting because I have basically been single-momming for the last three days while the hubs is on his emergency room rotation (12 hour shift, three days on, three days off — total chaos for a mom of toddlers trying to keep a routine going). But with the lack of routine comes the chance to spend time with friends, which has been fabulous for my little momma heart.

Wednesday, I loaded up the troops, and we road tripped up to the Queen City (Charlotte, NC, for those of you that don’t know) to spend the day with one of my college besties (she has a home decor blog, so if you don’t follow her, you probably should…hint hint wink wink). But on the real. She is seriously talented and does the home decor thing on the side because she’s also a pharmacist (impressive, right?). One of the perks of being a Biological Sciences major in college is that I have some smart friends with cool jobs. We mostly hung out on her back porch while the boys ran around with the dog in the backyard. It was magical.

Then we headed to Target because we’re both basics, and I’ve been needing a new kitchen rug for a year and a day. When you go to public places with friends that don’t have kids, it’s pretty fun. She got to see what I deal with on the reg. And I’m sure she loved every minute of it. Ha. But for real. She loves these boys so, and it just makes me melt every time I get to see her around them.



Long Bubble (Viva La Fete) | Shoes (Keds)

I also made a new momma friend this week. After being totally creepy and accidentally friending someone on Facebook, she reached out to me and invited me on a lunch play date. And we actually have a lot in common! It sure is funny how things end up working out, isn’t it? Mutual stalking Social media can be pretty cool sometimes.


Shirts (Palmetto Moon) | Shoes (Gap Kids) | Shorts (Sir John by Rosalina)


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