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Getting Fancy with JORD

What do you get for your husband when he says he doesn't need anything? I'll show you what I got mine that scored me some wifey points! #southernlife #thedixiebellemommy

One of my biggest vices– if you want to call it that– is that I have a knack for being drawn to the most expensive thing in any store I walk into. Seriously. You can ask my mother, my husband, my sisters, my friends– anyone who has spent more than five seconds talking to me should be able to tell you that I am a pretty materialistic girl.

I like nice things. More specifically, I like nice clothes and accessories. It might be because I’m a millennial. It might be because I was a spoiled brat of a child (through no fault of my parents– I can be very manipulative persuasive when I want something). It might be because I’m just genetically predisposed to be a shopaholic. Call it what you want– it’s just a part of who I am. Everyone has a flaw or two, right?


Photo Credit: Rachel F. (A Demure Life)

My affinity for designer pieces has even rubbed off on my husband a little bit, which has been pretty fun for me. Both of our closets are full of gorgeous clothes, and so are our children’s. It’s just something that is a priority for us.

But that does make it difficult when it comes time to buy gifts for one another. After all, what do you buy for someone that already has everything they need? So now I’m at a loss with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. What’s a wifey to do?

Well, that’s where JORD came in and swept me off my feet. They reached out to me and offered to send me one of their wood watches (yes, you read that right–a watch made of wood), and I was immediately intrigued. I knew this would be the perfect gift for the man in my life that already has everything because I would be willing to bet that he does not have a watch made of wood.


Photo Credit: Rachel F. (A Demure Life)


Photo Credit: Rachel F. (A Demure Life)

He likes his watches to be fancy but not flashy, if that makes any sense; so I chose this watch from the Frankie series (in Koa & Ash).  Then I sent off his wrist measurements, and we received the watch shortly thereafter. When we received the watch, I was blown away by just how gorgeous this thing is. The luxury, uniqueness, timelessness– all of it. And my husband was impressed as well.  JORD hit this one out of the park.


Photo Credit: Rachel F. (A Demure Life)

BLOOPER ALERT: the hubs totally forgot to remove the little plastic piece from the dial before wearing. Oops.

And did I mention the packaging? Because the packaging is just as stunning as the watch itself. Keeping with the rugged wood theme, each timepiece comes shipped to you in the most gorgeous wooden box. I’m a sucker for detail, so this was just the cherry on top that I needed to be completely sold on this brand for life.


Photo Credit: Rachel F. (A Demure Life)

If you’re interested (as you should be), you can treat yourself to a little online look-see of these gorgeous watches by visiting JORD’s website.

JORD was even nice enough to put together a little giveaway for y’all. One lucky winner will receive a $100 gift code to use toward the purchase of one of these pretties, but everyone who enters will receive a consolation code worth $25 at the end of the contest. The contest closes 2/5 at 11:59PM EST, so don’t wait to enter! You can enter the giveaway here.

This post was sponsored by JORD wood watches; but, per usual, all content and opinions are my own. 

Luxury Wooden Watch

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