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Surviving the First Stomach Bug

Oh hey y’all! I hope you’ve had a fab weekend. Mine was…decent.

It started off with a bang and me being super excited to have my first post published by the Kindred Together blog Motherhood. Speaking of which, you can read that article here. To be published is a dream that I didn’t even know I had, so that made me feel super legit, and I can’t wait to write more emotion-evoking pieces in the future.

Friday was awesome because once the hubs was back from the ER, we went to Dick’s in search of some of these bad boys. They’re the only completely leak-proof sippy cup that I’ve ever seen, so I’m working on transitioning the boys to these only and getting rid of all of the other freaking sippy cups that have taken over my kitchen. It’s all about simplifying. Makes momma’s life easier. Back to the sporting goods store. The hubs was in HEAVEN. I’m pretty sure his little dad heart was as full as it could be when he saw this little guy put on a baseball helmet and point to and identify footballs, baseballs, golf balls, basketballs…you get it. The kid likes sports. And his daddy can’t wait for the boys to be old enough to participate. I’ll admit, I’m extremely excited for the soccer mom stage of life as well.

Saturday was okay. We didn’t do much but lay around the house– which I hate. I need to be doing something or going somewhere. Especially during the winter because that’s when I tend to get all moody and weird. So Saturday was blah. Until we went out to dinner to meet some friends of ours (A Demure Life). That was fun. Props to this childless-by-choice couple for making us feel like we’re cool enough to hang out with them, even though we’ve got oodles of babies, and we like to go to bed early.

They got to see what we deal with on a typical evening at Moe’s. But little did they know we were infecting them with the stomach bug germs. So sorry, y’all!

Because… lucky us! One little mister woke up covered in regurgitated chicken and queso, and he took one of our friends, one of his parents, and his little brother down with him. So we’ve been spending a lot of time in the bathroom. Super fun stuff. Cabin fever is setting in hardcore.

But on the bright side, I just might have a bikini body this year. Thanks to this stomach bug.

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