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Match Day and Laundry Avoidance Maneuvers (featuring Clothing Refresher)

Well, he did it! My husband matched with Palmetto Richland for Internal Medicine. I have been very guarded about this whole process, and that is why I’ve been essentially stressed for the past few years. I haven’t been able to think in terms of permanence because there was always the possibility that we would have to pick up and move in 2017.

But that’s not going to happen! And I couldn’t be more excited or proud. My husband has worked his butt off for years (and so have I) to make himself an ideal candidate that would be able to have his pick of residencies. He did it, and that means we get to stay in our hometown. I can finally start putting down roots, and let me tell you, that feels incredible. The little cloud of uncertainty that has been following me around everywhere for the last four years has finally dissipated. I just want to break out into song. Not even kidding.

What comes next? Let me just tell you! The possibilities are endless!

I can put the boys in a drop-in daycare. I can schedule swimming lessons. I can join Junior League. I can plan birthday parties. I can update my driver’s license (because I still live at my parents’ house, according to my current one). And we can start thinking about building a house…

I have been waiting for this moment since the initiation of Pinterest. I cannot wait to have a place that is mine. We’ve been so fortunate to be able to rent some pretty nice places over the past few years, but there’s nothing like owning your own home. Or so I’ve been told. I wouldn’t know. But I will soon!

There are so many things that go into building a house, and I know it’s going to be a long and probably painful process. But I’m up for the challenge! Because that means I don’t have to move away from this place! And it means I get to have a walk-in closet. This is something that I totally took for granted when I was growing up. I’ve had a walk-in closet my entire life. Even in the apartments I’ve lived in. Until we moved into this house. I love this house, and it’s been such a nice place for us to live in and grow our family– but the closet situation is horrendous. My clothes take up my closet, half of my husband’s closet, and all of the surface area of the furniture in our bedroom. Walking into our bedroom is like walking into an episode of Hoarders. It stresses me out.

And don’t even get me started on the laundry room situation. We have a laundry corner. It’s the first thing you see when you walk into the house from the back door. There is no door separating it from the kitchen– it’s just kind of there. I like to think that I would be so much more on top of the laundry if I just had a dedicated laundry room that was at least closed off from the rest of the house. But for now, I just tend to avoid doing laundry until (1) the piles become overwhelming; (2) Matt asks me to wash a specific piece of clothing; or (3) anyone runs out of underwear.

I’ve actually found something that helps me with this. It’s basically a magic genie potion (all natural– only ten ingredients) that makes clothes smell like they’ve just been washed, even if they’ve been worn a couple of times. Clothing Refresher is seriously a game-changer. I heard about Clothing Refresher from another blogger, and I knew it was something I had to try. When I received my first bottle, I’ll admit I was skeptical, but then I decided to try it out on a sports bra that I had worn for…ahem…three or four days without washing it. In my defense, it was the last one, and let’s be real, putting on a real bra wasn’t going to happen that day because that would involve putting on real clothes (this was during the middle of the week while I was hardcore momming). A couple of spritzes of Clothing Refresher, and that bra smelled like it had come straight out of the dryer. It was incredible.

One fresh sports bra wasn’t enough to convince me. So I decided to test it out on something else. Something that probably smelled worse than me…something like my husband’s scrubs! I spritzed Clothing Refresher all over the scrubs that my husband had just stripped off after a 12-hour shift in the ER. Nasty. But it worked. Just like magic!

This stuff is incredible, y’all. You can use it on just about any fabric, and the scent lasts for days. I’ve also been using it on the boys’ car seats (and their nasty shoes…seriously, boys are gross, y’all), and my car smells just like Anthropologie.

Clothing Refresher has been kind enough to put together a little giveaway for y’all. The giveaway will run through April 10th, and one lucky winner will win a set of three bottles of Clothing Refresher! This stuff is liquid magic, y’all, so go ahead and enter below, and tell your momma friends– especially the ones that hate doing laundry.

Terms of giveaway: Must be 18 years of age or older to enter. Winner must be from the continental USA. No purchase required. Winner will be chosen at random. Winner must be able to provide name, address, and phone number for shipping purposes.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Clothing Refresher, but as always, all opinions expressed are my own.



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