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From the Bahamas to the Congaree

I have been MIA for what feels like forever– even though it’s really only been a week. I unplugged for practically the whole week, and OMG. It made me realize how much time I spend on my phone and social media. Total millennial problems, right?

The hubs and I cashed in our Christmas present from the in-laws (thank you thank you thank you!!!) and went on a little cruise to the Bahamas. Neither one of us had ever been on a cruise before, so it was an experience. After the Dramamine kicked in, we had a lot of fun doing a whole lot of nothing. It was really nice to not have anywhere to be or any kids to watch or any plans really. We literally just laid around in a cabana for 95% of the trip (with pina coladas in hand, obvi). The other 5% of the trip was spent eating, drinking, or losing money in the casino.

It’s so important to get away from life sometimes and just date your spouse– or at least it is important for me. We always get along so much better when we’re making an effort to date each other. When you have jobs and responsibilities and children, it’s easy to get caught in a rut. You’ve got to remember that you’re not just “business partners.” Keep that flame alive, and you’ll feel so much better in all other aspects of your life. I promise.

Now we’re back, and I’m so happy we came home to gorgeous spring weather. It was 80 degrees today, so naturally, we packed up the troops and headed to the river. We were pleasantly surprised by water that was almost warm enough to play in. A few more weeks, and it’ll be the perfect temperature for swimming.

With all of the time we’re going to be spending outside, bug bites are an inevitable part of our future. But protecting yourself from all of the dang mosquitos is really important– especially when you have a family or you’re thinking about starting a family. Because, hello…anyone heard of Zika? I know that there are no known locally transmitted cases in South Carolina, but I am not about to take any chances. I am also not about to stay inside all summer. And I’m not wearing long sleeves or pants. So when this time of year rolls around, I usually start thinking about investing in some bug spray. Last year, I used regular bug spray that I picked up at the store. I’ve got no problem using that stuff on me, but my kids’ skin and noses are a little bit more sensitive to the chemicals. Plus the stickiness and odor just makes us all feel nasty.

This year, I have stepped up my game a little bit, and I am pretty sure I have found the perfect family-friendly mosquito spray: Kite.

It’s essentially chemical-free (no DEET!), so it’s fabulous for families and safe for little kids. Obviously, you should ask your child’s pediatrician before using it on them. But I use it on my kids, and it is doctor/husband-approved. Because my husband is technically a doctor (pending graduation). I will tell you that Kite does have a strong scent, but it’s not a bad smell. It smells almost minty vanilla, which makes sense because peppermint and wintergreen oils are two of the main ingredients. It’s currently available on Amazon.


This post was sponsored by Kite, but per usual, all opinions expressed in this article are completely and totally my own, and I only endorse products that my family actually uses.

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