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Dressing a Little Southern Gentleman (Featuring The Smocking Bug)

One thing I always knew before I had kids was that I was going to dress them like traditional southern babies. Because babies don’t keep. I never minded when people used to mistake my little boys for little girls because of the way I dressed them. I took it as a compliment, and honestly, they did look like girls when they were babies because (1) they were gorgeous and had a ton of hair, and (2) they had eyelashes for days. Why do boys always get the good eyelashes? Totes jealous.

Smocked clothing is a southern tradition. It’s a little bit pretentious and expensive, but I’m a little bit pretentious and expensive, so it’s right up my alley. There isn’t a thing I enjoy more than dressing my baby boys like babies while they are little. They have the rest of their lives to dress like little men, but until they are four years old, I will dress them in bubbles and jon jons. Some of y’all probably have no clue what bubbles and jon jons even are. Or what smocked clothing is. I am here to enlighten you. Here are the ten basic pieces that you will find in my boys’ closets.

How to Dress a Little Southern Gentleman

  1. Jon Jon – basically like a little overall set. You can put a shirt under it during the spring, but in the summer, you wear it by itself. Boys wear these. And during colder months, longalls are the equivalent. They have snaps around the stride area, so they’re awesome for diaper changes.
  2. Bubble – basically a mix between a romper and a onesie. There is nothing sweeter than a little boy in a bubble. Girls can wear bubbles too. These also snap at the stride. 
  3. Sunsuit (or sun bubble) – a bubble without sleeves. So precious. Girls can also wear these. Snaps at the stride.
  4. Shorts or pants set – collared smocked shirt with coordinating shorts (usually gingham, solid colored, or seersucker). In my defense, he had matching red pants on until he dumped his milk out on them… so he’s wearing blue in the pic. But you get the idea.
  5. Smocked teeshirt shorts/pants set – teeshirt with smocking on the front and coordinating shorts or pants (usually gingham, solid colored, or seersucker).
  6. Bobby Socks – plain white socks that can be worn with Keds. I get ours from Target. You can never have too many socks. Boys are gross.

    Photo Credit: Target (Cat & Jack toddler white bobby socks)

    Photo Credit: Target (Cat & Jack toddler white bobby socks)

  7. Knee Socks – white socks that go up to baby’s knees. Worn with dress shoes. Jefferies Brand is our favorite.

    Photo Credit: Jefferies Socks (white knee socks)

    Photo Credit: Jefferies Socks (white knee socks)

  8. Sun Sans (surfers or sea wees)- little leather sandals that come in a bunch of different colors. My favorites are the tan ones because they go with everything. Navy is a close second. These are basically the only shoe my boys wear during the summertime. And they’re waterproof. Enough said. These are also unisex.

9.  Keds (graham style) – these come in canvas or leather (I suggest getting WIDE because babies have fat feet). I get white leather for special occasions (on the website, it says girls, but whatevs– a white shoe is a white shoe), and canvas for everyday wear. We usually get red and navy canvas.

10.  Saddle Oxfords – dress shoes for church when it’s too cold for sandals. These are our favorites. We also like navy and white for the colder months.

These are the ten basic things you need to dress your little southern gentlemen for the majority of the year. I think I’ll do a winter edition later on, but we never really had a winter this year, so….

For Easter this year, Cole will be in a green seersucker monogrammed jon jon, and Reese will be in a coordinating green seersucker monogrammed bubble. One of our favorite shops to go to for these darling outfits is The Smocking Bug. Betsy Story, the momma behind the magic, is an absolute delight. She started her business in 2014, and has since become the millennial southern momma’s go-t0 for adorable and affordable smocked clothing.

The quality is wonderful– I mean, the embroidery on these monograms is absolutely flawless. And the pricing is perfect for mommas that don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for clothes that their babies are going to spit up on anyway– because, I mean, let’s be real. Clothes are going to get dirty, and that’s a fact. Times five, if you’re a boy mom.

If you think that being a boy mom means you’re missing out on getting to dress up your kids, then think again! I present to you, my little southern gentlemen! Aren’t they cute?? I mean, I am just swooning over here.

For more darling smocked sweetness, y’all need to check The Smocking Bug out on social media. I’ve listed the links below for your viewing pleasure. I, for one, love the pre-orders because they usually have a theme. These are perfect for the fall when you are looking for specific collegiate smocks or holiday-themed outfits for your little babes.

The Smocking Bug Facebook Pre-Order Group

The Smocking Bug on Instagram

Shop The Smocking Bug Online

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by The Smocking Bug, but as always, all expressed opinions are my own.

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