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Keeping Up with the Mazzolas

Quarterly FB Photo Dump Post

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Every few months or so, I get a message on my iPhone screen that says “Storage Almost Full.” Even though I have the 128 GB iPhone. Why does this happen? Because I take too many freaking pictures of my kids. That’s why.

So every few months, I attempt to free up some storage space on my phone via a Facebook photo dump. I look through all of my pictures on my phone, and I upload the ones I want to keep into their respective FB albums. It’s a long and arduous process, but someone has to do it. #firstworldproblems

In lieu of a post today, I have rounded up some of my favorite pictures. They are divided into the following categories– Instagram Husband, Toddler Moments, Resting Bitch Face,  I Can’t Even Deal, and Framers.

Instagram Husband

Toddler Moments

Resting Bitch Face


I Can’t Even Deal



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