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Mother’s Day Gift Fit for the Queen in Your Life (featuring JORD)

My husband asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day, and I gave him the usual answer– a trip to Bora Bora, some diamond rings, a new car, a new Louis Vuitton. Things that ain’t happening any time soon. Sigh.

Part of me is laughing because I’m totally serious when I say I want all of these things, and one day, I will get them. Just not today, and that’s okay. Typical millennial first world problems for you. But right now, I do want a gift. Because getting gifts from your husband on Mother’s Day is fun. It makes you feel appreciated, and it’s nice to know someone is thinking about you.

Because I’m a dreamer with outrageously (and sometimes unrealistically) high expectations and standards, I can be difficult to shop for. But fear not, dear husband. One thing I will always appreciate is a good accessory.

Mother's Day with JORD from

Do y’all remember what I got my hubs for Valentine’s Day? I got him a JORD wood watch. They’re so rustic and sexy, and I just adore them. I love them so much that I’ve been stealing my husband’s whenever I please, anytime I need a watch to top off an outfit (perks of having a husband with small wrists– don’t worry, babe, you’re still totally macho…they’re surgeon-esque). So naturally, after months of me borrowing his gorgeous timepiece, we came to the conclusion that it was a good idea to get me one of my own. I chose the Frankie in Zebrawood and Champagne. It’s elegant and simple, with a bold face, which I like. I love it! It goes with everything, and it’s totally casual. Perfect for my mom life– in which I try to look somewhat chic while dressing like a basic. I wore it first on date night with this Lilly romper. I’ve linked a similar one for y’all because this was from last year, and it’s since sold out.

Cute right? I love it. JORD has also been kind enough to sponsor a little giveaway for y’all, in case you’re still looking for that perfect Mother’s Day gift for a special lady in your life. One lucky reader will win a $100 credit to use towards the purchase of a JORD watch. But everyone who enters will receive a consolation prize– a code worth $25 to be used towards the purchase of your own JORD watch. So everyone wins something! Can’t beat those odds. So go get your momma a pretty little wood watch– or get one for yourself, or you can get one for the recent graduate in your life.

Y’all can enter the giveaway through the link at the bottom of this post.

And the packaging is on point. It comes in such a pretty little box– and for Mother’s Day gifts, presentation is everything. Show a mom that you took some time and effort to appreciate her, and she’ll feel like a queen. Which will make your life more pleasant. Trust me. You can shop women’s watches here

Enter the giveaway here :


Luxury Wooden Watch

Disclaimer: this post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches, but as usual, all opinions are my own.

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