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Childhood Cancer

Cabin Fever

Initially we were supposed to go home last Friday. Then the docs thought Tuesday would be better. Then the end of the week. Now we’re looking at the middle of next week, but even that’s pretty optimistic.

I guess I’m going to have to get used to plans changing. One of my least favorite things in the whole world is plans changing. That’s separate from being spontaneous– because I know a bunch of you who actually know me in real life are reading this thinking that I’m never one to stick to plans. It’s not that I don’t stick to plans– I just adjust them a lot. Adjusting is different than changing plans completely, in my opinion.

Anyways, until today, the reason we were still here was that Reese has been holding on to a bunch of fluid. This has been causing his belly to swell, and some of the fluid has pooled in his left lung. That makes it kind of hard for the kid to breathe. So we have to do chest physiotherapy four times a day to help break up the fluid, and he is receiving some more blood, which will hopefully help even everything out.

Today, poor little dude spiked a little fever (101), which, in a peds oncology patient, means an automatic admission to get some hardcore antibiotics and some blood cultures done. Since we were already here, they decided to keep us! Yay! Sigh.



On a positive note, we got upgraded to the “penthouse suite” aka a hospital room that is twice as big as our original one was. SCORE. There’s so much room in here, AND we have a rocking chair! So I can sit and cuddle with Reese when he’ll let me. It’s pretty amazing. And the little dude has gotten some of his sassiness back, which is an absolute joy to see. I even caught this smile yesterday! First time he’s smiled in weeks! He is also getting a little bit of his appetite back, and his favorite thing to do right now is to double-fist crackers. He has to have one in each hand, or else he’ll freak out. It’s pretty funny.

Also, I have found my favorite part of the hospital– the green plasma scooter. This thing goes really fast once you get the hang of it! So naturally, I’ve been racing Matt and Reese through the halls. I usually win, obviously.

On another positive note, Matt and I have gotten to leave the hospital a couple of times over the past couple of days– yesterday, we spent the afternoon with Cole on the river, and tonight, we went on a quick dinner date to one of our favorite local spots, Bourbon. As much as I hate leaving Reese at the hospital, it really is so important for us as parents to get away to make contact with the outside world every now and then. Otherwise, I really do think we would either kill each other or go crazy. We’ve been in the hospital for almost two weeks now, and it’s pretty rough to be cooped up here during the summertime. That’s really hard for me.

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Another thing that’s been driving me crazy is the fact that I CAN’T DRINK WINE. OMG. WTF. As excited as I am about having another baby, and as much as I’ve longed for this, I am really pissed that I can’t chill the hell out with a nightly glass (or two) of wine right now. Grrr. I’ve been coloring a lot, so that sort of helps… but I’d rather have wine.

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