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Bump Style: Flared Jeans and Floppy Hats for Fall

This post was sponsored by PinkBlush, but all opinions are completely and honestly mine. I’ve actually been shopping at PinkBlush for years, ever since I discovered their brand with my second pregnancy. Real talk.

Ever since basic became a thing, and leggings took over the world, I’ve sworn up and down that I would never go back to wearing jeans. Why would I ever squeeze my butt into jeans when I could just slip into a pair of leggings and basically feel like I’m wearing pajamas? I just didn’t see this post-baby body wearing jeans again anytime soon.

Luckily, flared jeans have been making a huge comeback this fall, and I’ve come to my senses. Flares look good on pretty much every one. They at least give the illusion that you’ve got slim legs, even if your swollen ankles are laughing at you. I LOVE flares. You can wear them with wedges or clogs. Since it’s been so hot in South Carolina, I’ve been wearing mine with my Marc Fisher Adalyn ankle strap espadrilles (currently 25% off at Bloomingdale’s– until 10/9).

Bump Style: Flared Jeans and Floppy Hats for Fall


Bump Style: Flared Jeans and Floppy Hats for Fall

Bump Style: Flared Jeans and Floppy Hats for Fall

Floppy hat // Hooded cardi vest // Flared jeans (maternity) // Wedge espadrilles // Black criss-cross tank

Because I’m totally pregnant, these jeans are maternity. PinkBlush has the cutest maternity clothes. They have EVERYTHING. Even if you aren’t pregnant, you will still be able to find something. I’m obsessed with their jeans, but I also love their fitted dresses. And their cardigans. And kimonos. And lounge pants. Pretty much a one-stop-shop. And they offer free shipping anywhere in the US of A. SCORE.

My point is, all the basic mommas are shopping at PinkBlush, so you should too.

Another trend I’ve been wanting to get on board with is the fall floppy hat. It took me SO LONG to convince myself. I have always loved hats– just ask my college friends, and they’ll tell you that I literally wore a baseball cap every day to class. Every. Single. Day. I took my chai tea latte and Chick-fil-A chicken biscuit and wore a baseball cap, Chanel sunglasses, an oversized tee-shirt or sweatshirt, leggings, and Uggs before basic was even a thing. I just didn’t have my LV Neverfull yet. YET. Basically, I invented basic back when I was in college. No big deal.

But back to the floppy hat thing. I’ve been lurking on Instagram and Pinterest for at least two years while these huge bloggers have been rocking these super cute outfits– you’ve seen them. Floppy felt hat, blanket scarf, oversized sweater, leggings, boots/booties. And they all look SO DANG PRECIOUS. So I’ve been meaning to get myself in on that action because this momma is always looking for ways to avoid having to wash/style my hair (dry shampoo is my main b*tch). Hats are a great option because it’s not cold enough for beanies yet. Beanies are my other ride or die. I am all for finding new ways to cover my entire head while still looking chic.

I finally found some at… wait for it… TARGET. Ask and you shall receive. I found not one, but three! And I’m so excited to try them all. Option 1 is the one in the pictures. (Option 1, Option 2, Option 3)

The only question I have is can you wear them at night? I might have to ask a legit fashion blogger about this one. Like I know they’re super cute for a day out, but what happens when it gets dark? Is it super weird to still be wearing a floppy hat at night? Answer: TBD. I have no idea. All I know is that I wore mine last night out on a date with my husband, and it was dark. I did feel weird, but I don’t know what other people thought. No one was blatantly staring at me (that I noticed), but I’m still not sure.

Oh, and here’s an awesome shot that Matt captured. This was either post eye roll, or I was whining about something. I can’t remember.

Bump Style: Flared Jeans and Floppy Hats for Fall

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