Blogging about life and living it to the fullest. Pretend princess/mermaid. Actual basic southern millennial trophy wife.


I am a completely basic wife and mom living in the beautiful state of South Carolina. Being the stereotypical millennial that I am, my hobbies include doing things a million miles an hour, setting standards for myself that are not easily attainable, and having nice things. Pretentious? Maybe.

I also love being social, playing outside with my toddlers, swimming, painting, decorating, dressing my babies in smocked clothes, eating key lime pie, and watching college football. Basically my ultimate goal in life is to be the perfect little Southern Belle homemaker for my family– or as close to it as I can be. Only because I don’t cook. I can do literally everything else. But I don’t cook. I can make sandwiches and chicken nuggets though, so if y’all want some…

This blog started as an outlet to help me deal with a second trimester miscarriage, and since its inception, it’s uncovered a passion for writing that I didn’t know I possessed. I’m still new to this, and I’m totally learning on the fly; but I promise to keep y’all entertained with pictures, stories, and sarcasm, as I document my little southern life.






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