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Southern millennial trophy wife. Interests include smocked baby clothes, Jenny Lind high chairs, college football, wine, acting fancy, and being basic.
Keeping Up with the Mazzolas

Keeping Up with the Mazzolas

She Loves the Game

Y'all. I am on cloud nine right now. It's been a hell of a week, but when you get a lot of bad, you usually get some good that goes right along with it. I'll start with the bad-- because it's always better to end…

Chin Up, Princess

Follow my blog with Bloglovin With all of the tough sh*t that's been going on in my life this year, I was due for something good to happen. Some kind of silver lining. Right? I mean, come on. The moment I've been waiting for for…


Y'all. What in the actual f**k. This is the phrase that best describes my last 48 hours. Like, it's been such a bad couple of days, I am sitting in my in-laws' bathtub (while they are out of town-- hope y'all are having fun! Love…

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