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Southern Life

Southern Life

On Southern Gentlemen

Something happened to me the other day that made me realize that no matter how much I may try to deny it, I probably do-- on occasion-- take my husband's chivalrous nature for granted. We had just finished up at Moe's, and I was walking…

Bama vs. Clemson: the Sequel. Totes Awk.

Y'all. Why does Alabama have to play Clemson for the national championship? AGAIN. For those of you that don't know how deliciously awkward this is for me, let me just put this out there again. I went to school at Clemson. Graduated with my B.S. in Biological Sciences (#nerd). But my parents raised me to be an Alabama fan. That probably contributes to some of the crazy-- I'm sure I've got some kind of a complex. 

Peeing in the Woods

So I just did a massive photo dump on Facebook-- and I apologize for blowing up everyone's feed with a million and one pictures of my November and December. But it had to be done. Lord knows I'm not one to take the time to back up my phone or use the Cloud or whatever the tech-savvy people do. I thought I was all good with my 120GB iPhone, but apparently 27,000 pictures and a few apps and a couple thousand songs combined is enough to cause you to "run out of storage." Lame. Total first world problems over here.

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