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Southern millennial trophy wife. Interests include smocked baby clothes, Jenny Lind high chairs, college football, wine, acting fancy, and being basic.

The Thing No One Talks About

When I found out I was pregnant with Cole, Matt had just started medical school. We had just gotten married and moved to Spartanburg, and BAM. We weren't planning on having babies until a little further down the road, but hey, God's plan is better than mine. I was a twenty-three-year-old newlywed looking for a job. I wanted to put my BioSci degree to use. Actually, I felt like I had to put it to use. I owed that to my parents who were still paying off my student loans (God bless them for that). Then I got my first big girl job as an insurance agent with BlueCross BlueShield of SC. I would commute to Greenville to sell health insurance while Matt was in school during the day. Salary + commission! YEAH BABY.

Mom Guilt and the Gender Ultrasound

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that reached out to my family after we lost our sweet James. The Facebook messages, phone calls, texts, letters, voicemails, emails, Instagram comments, flowers, gifts, and visits. All of it. No matter how big or small, I promise everything was received and appreciated. In fact, I don't know how I would have gotten through the first week without having those messages to read. I still haven't gotten to respond to everyone personally, but I am doing my best.
Married to Medicine

Married to Medicine aka that Doctor Wife Life

Another welcome distraction that's been getting me through the last few weeks has been residencselfiey interviews. Basically an excuse for Matt and I to get away for a night while someone watches the babes, which, for those of you with kids, you know feels similar to (if not better than) when your parents told you you were going to Disney World when you were little. Or maybe that's just me. Either way, it feels pretty great to be able to get away for a little bit with just the husband. At the very least, I can look forward to using the bathroom in peace and going to bed/waking up whenever I decide to. And I don't have to share my food. See these are things that you take for granted before you have children.
Keeping Up with the Mazzolas

God Bless America

[caption id="attachment_337" align="alignright" width="277"]vote Voting can be exhausting...[/caption] Disclaimer: political views are a touchy subject, and to anyone who happens to read this that has differing opinions than mine, I am sincerely sorry if this offends you. That is not my intention. I respect you as a person, and I respect your opinion and will gladly agree to disagree. We can all be friends here.

Here I Go

So I've had a pretty warm reception to this little blog. THANK GOD. That could have been pretty embarrassing, but I think when you start something for yourself that's genuine with no expectations (maybe minor expectations...let's be real) of being successful, then that's when things tend to work out. I'm pretty confident that that's what has gotten me to this point in my life so far. If people tell me I'm good at writing, then by all means am I going to milk that as far as it will take me. Plus, if there are people out there that are like me (and I know I'm not THAT weird), then I know there's got to be an audience that will enjoy reading about all the juicy details of someone else's life. So goes human nature-- I like knowing other people's business, so I'm sure some people will like knowing mine too.

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