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I kind of have a little bit of a love affair with classic and timeless baby things. Mostly high chairs. Jenny Lind high chairs, to be exact. Growing up, my parents used to drag my sisters and me to flea markets and antique stores all over the place– while I loathed spending weekends going to these places (usually followed by supper at the nearest Cracker Barrel), I’ve certainly come to realize the appeal of it all as an adult. For one thing, you can’t beat the quality of a good antique piece of furniture. You just can’t. And to me it is totally justified to spend a good amount on a classic piece of furniture if the new plastic name brand high chairs are going for $200+ apiece. I found my first one in a random Columbia thrift store, and ever since then, I was hooked. Word got around town, and I became the go-to girl for Jenny Lind furniture. I still venture all over the South hunting these pretties in my spare time, so if you know any mommas who are in need of a fabulous heirloom piece, send them my way! I can custom paint too, for an additional fee.

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