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Date Night

Mommy Date with Painting With a Twist

This week, I’ve been stuck in the hospital while little man receives round three of chemo. Spending days and nights in the hospital can really do a number on a person’s psychological state– and not in a good way. That being said, when I heard that Painting with a Twist was looking for bloggers to attend a complimentary painting class with a friend, I jumped on the opportunity to get out of the hospital for a short evening out with one of my best mommy friends.

Painting with a Twist offers different instructor-led classes every day (and many during the evenings). The best part is, you don’t have to have any painting experience! So literally anyone can attend. The evening classes are BYOB– which would have been amazing had I not been pregnant. I’ll definitely be returning as soon as this baby has been born, bottle of rosé in hand!

All of the paints, brushes, rinsing water, paper towels, and canvases were set out and waiting for us before we arrived to the studio, along with cute little place settings with our names on them! The place settings were my favorite touch! The studio owner really went above and beyond to make us feel like VIP’s.

The whole atmosphere is super fun and laid-back. The instructor showed us which brushes to use and different techniques to try  out on our canvases. The painting our class had decided on was a field of flowers. I wasn’t a fan of the flowers in the original painting, so I sort of did my own thing and painted tulips instead. I think my painting turned out pretty great– but I also have a lot of experience painting, so I didn’t really adhere to the scripted plan. Branching out and improvising is encouraged, which is fine with me!


In addition to the fun class my friend and I attended, Painting with a Twist also offers a variety of other classes, including:

  • children’s classes (no alcohol allowed)
  • paint your pet classes
  • private parties and events (bachelorette parties, baby showers, birthday parties, etc.)
  • fund-raising events (also called Painting with a Purpose)
  • couple’s classes

A Painting with a Twist gift card would make the perfect gift for the person who is difficult to shop for (for example, me!). Each class starts at just $35– and the class runs two hours on average. Perfect for a girls’ night out.

There are Painting with a Twist locations in almost every state. South Carolina has three locations! I was thrilled to find one in my hometown. Visit the Painting with a Twist website to locate your nearest location and sign up for a class for your next date night! On their website, you can view the upcoming scheduled classes (and see the paintings they have for you to choose from!), schedule an appointment, purchase a gift card, or learn more about everything Painting with a Twist has to offer!

My masterpiece is on display next to my wine tree to remind me of how much fun painting with friends and wine can be! SO FUN,

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