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She Loves the Game

Y’all. I am on cloud nine right now. It’s been a hell of a week, but when you get a lot of bad, you usually get some good that goes right along with it. I’ll start with the bad– because it’s always better to end with the good, amiright?!

Monday. Hurricane Irma decides to show her pretty little face in our beautiful state. So much rain and so much wind. Normally, this wouldn’t have a huge impact on my life– a couple hours of lost power and some tree branches down in the backyard at the most. But Monday was the day we were scheduled to come in for a post-op check– then we would more than likely be admitted for round five of chemo if everything looked good with Reese’s healing incision. Since Reese is a boss, his incision looked great, and he was totally ready to get on with round five.

Okay, no big deal. I came prepared with everything we’d need for a five-day hospital stay and left the house in a reasonable state– got laundry done, dishes washed, toys picked up, so I am not totally overwhelmed when we are able to come back. Thankfully my mom was able to come with us to our appointment. She was able to sit with Reese while I unloaded the ungodly amount of things that a crazy-confused about the weather (is it fall or is it summer??)-basic-sometimes high maintenance-pregnant momma of toddlers decided to pack for this hospital stay.

So I braved the rain and loaded up the cart with our swag. The things I always take to the hospital are my twin sheets, foam mattress pad, pillow case, and fuzzy blanket. And snacks. And a suitcase full of clothes. And Reese’s suitcase full of his clothes and blankets and toys. And an extra bag with my computer, toiletries, shower shoes, phone chargers, and random stuff. All of this stuff stacks up nicely on the cart. And then there’s my pregnancy pillow. Totally casual. BUT IT’S RAINING. So I’m out in the parking lot with this perfectly stacked and packed cart of supplies, and I am steering the cart with my elbow while holding an umbrella over the stuff to keep everything dry– with this big-ass pillow draped over my shoulder. Waddling across the street because I’m pregnant, and my tailbone hurts, but I’ve got my game face on. No big deal. UNTIL THE FREAKING TROPICAL STORM WIND GUSTS DECIDE THAT I’VE HAD IT WAY TOO EASY. Yep. Right in the middle of the crowded Monday hospital parking lot during a hurricane. The cart blows right over, tips on its side, and all of my stuff rolls away in opposite directions. Cars are getting impatient because they are trying to get to appointments on time, and this pregnant girl is blocking the road with her linen closet. Y’all. It was pretty dang funny, but at the moment I was SO. PISSED. I’m pretty sure I dropped an F-bomb or two, and I definitely stomped my foot in a puddle to be dramatic. Then I gathered all of my belongings and trudged up to the fifth floor where our room was ready for us. The snacks barely made it, but they did, and nothing was ruined. Everything was just wet and dirty. So we had to do a load of laundry at the hospital. Not a good way to start the week. Not to mention, Matt is on night shift in the ICU this week, so he’s gone at night, and he has to sleep during the day. Not my favorite.

EDITED to add this picture of the cart. This is not quite what the cart looked like when I brought it in because now that we’re getting ready to go home, it’s actually dry. But that’s how much stuff was on the dang thing when the wind blew it over. Just to give y’all a little visual perspective.

Things did get better though. WAY BETTER.

Somehow, some way our amazing child life specialist– who just so happens to be a recent Alabama graduate– decided to make somebody’s dream come true. Seriously, this girl is amazing, and basically a genie. She is SO good at her job. Total goals, y’all.

About the dream– y’all know how much I love college football. And if you didn’t know, you should know that it’s a whole helluva lot. And I am a HUGE Alabama fan. Always have been. Even though I went to Clemson. Totally wrote a post about it here. That’s the post where I explained why my heart will always remain in Alabama. No offense to my Tiger readers– I will always love Clemson, I just don’t care for the football team. The heart wants what it wants, and my heart wants its first love– all things crimson and white.

So somehow our genie made it possible for us to receive a little video from our favorite strength coach: Coach Cochran to Reese

Followed by a letter from one of momma’s legit idols…

And a signed football from said idol.

NICK SABAN. The man. The myth. The legend. The greatest football coach in the history of college football– since Bear Bryant. He has been one of my heroes for pretty much my entire adult life. All the feels.

Y’all. I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. I love Alabama football so much that it makes me emotional. Ask my friends. They’ve all seen what football season does to me. It gives me the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I love it that much. It has just always been a part of my life, and I am so excited to impart some of that passion on to my little boys.

This whole thing just melts my heart. We really didn’t think we were going to be able to make it to a game this year, so I am so excited to get to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience with my boys. And that just goes to show you that just because you are having a bad day/week/month/year, it doesn’t mean nothing good will ever happen to you again. Just keep on keeping on because something sweet is probably waiting for you right around the corner.

Here is the video the nurses took of our reactions to receiving this incredible gift:Reese’s Letter from Nick Saban Reactions Video

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