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The One Where I’m Hormonal and I Lose My Ish

Y’all. I am a hot mess right now. So many things have gone wrong this week that I stopped keeping count. But I’m not above calling people out for annoying me this week. Blame it on the hormones.

The stem cell transplant went beautifully. So we’re doing great on the cancer front. Other than some vomiting and discomfort, Reese is totally acting like his normal self. Which is just amazing to me. This kid is the epitome of a fighter. He is going to kick this cancer, and we are all going to live our long happy lives together.

But right now, it’s pretty damn stressful. We are building a house, and we’re supposed to close on our loan any day now, but our lender seems to be dragging his feet. Which is extremely frustrating when you are trying to buy a new car at the same time. Total first world problems, I know. But still. So goes the life of a millennial, I guess. But when you’re only in town for one day, and everything else is situated, it gets annoying when you are literally stuck with nowhere to go– on the car front. Like we’re ready to buy a car, but we can’t because we’re on credit surveillance until this loan closes. Which it should have done already, but our go-to guy had something come up that set us back a few weeks. No big deal, right? WRONG. I’m 26 weeks pregnant, and I am ready to start building our house, so we can, you know, have a home to bring our family to. And I’m ready to buy a car that can accommodate my tribe, as the Volvo no longer suffices. We need captain’s chairs and an aisle to get all of these hooligans around. And it’s not going to be a minivan, people. SUV’s are my thing. So we’re getting a dang Suburban. It’s going to be awesome, and it’s going to make my life so much easier. But we can’t do it until the effing loan closes. And that keeps getting pushed back and back. And back some more. There’s always an excuse, but it’s starting to get a little silly.

So we’re kind of running out of time here. Savannah will more than likely be making her appearance in January, which is a mere three months away. She’s also still breech, which is annoying because I worked so hard to get my VBAC with Reese, and the recovery was so much easier. So this girl better flip, because I am not having another c-section. I cannot handle that right now. SO, FLIP LITTLE GIRL. FLIP. PLEASE. Side note: I totes have a little crush on my OB. I just like looking at him. He’s pretty easy on the eyes after all.

And Halloween was last night. I didn’t get to go trick-or-treating with my boys. That was pretty depressing. We got to see Cole for a little bit after being in town for my OB appointment. He got to play with some of his best friends, but then we had to leave. It was such a short visit. And it breaks my heart to leave him, even though I know he’s being taken care of and having so much fun with his grandparents. But saying goodbye never gets easier. I am just ready for this part of treatment to be over and done with, so we can all be together as a normal (or semi-normal) family.

And then you have lurkers. That’s been annoying me lately. People from your college days that watch all of your Instagram stories, but they don’t follow you. Girl, I know you’re in my business because I can see your name when you watch my story. Is it really that embarrassing to just FOLLOW me? If you want to know about my life, just follow me on Facebook or Instagram. It’s that easy, and I won’t think anything less of you for it. Hell, I probably won’t even see the notification (yes, I’m that cool, and I have that many notifications every time I open up my IG). I guess that’s one of the “perks” that comes with deciding to share your entire life on the Internet. Whatevs.

There are just a lot of things that I find annoying right now. Probably because I’m way pregnant. And hormonal. I’m sure that’s the reason. But whatever.

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